After 72 years of feeding our Memphis friends and BBQ lovers around the globe, we thought we had a plan for everything. We thought we had seen everything!

And then, the COVID-19 pandemic taught us (and business owners everywhere) that in the face of the unthinkable, our customers will join our fight for our survival just as much as we will.

Though our restaurant walls are lined with photos and memories of visits by presidents and celebrities, YOU, our customers and friends, are our true rock stars.

While no small business is totally in the clear yet during the uncertainty and stoppages that have come with the pandemic, we need you to know how much you helped our survival through this. All of us at Rendezvous thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 

Many of you know that our employees at Rendezvous are not just like our family … they ARE our family, from the 50-year relationships with two employees to the youngest team members we have.

Our Good Morning America small-business spotlight earlier this month was about much more than shipping our meals throughout the country and – for the first time in our history (we think) – temporarily selling out of ALL of our meat.

It was about bringing more of our family members back together. We were able to bring more employees back to work because of the amazing response to the Good Morning America segment and thanks to our loyal customers in Memphis and nearly every state. We cooked around the clock to replenish our meal availability and we are excited that this small operation from humble beginnings is continuing to be there for our employee family and our rock-star customers. 

You brought us into your homes during the most challenging time that many of us have faced. You let us do what we do best – feed your family. And by doing that, you nourished our soul.

We can’t wait to open our doors again and see you. Thank you for standing by us and helping keep the Charlie Vergos legacy alive – virtually for now and, hopefully soon, at the red-and-white checkered tablecloths.

With gratitude,

The Rendezvous Team

P.S. We will always have climate-controlled shipping, even when we re-open our doors in Memphis again!