BBQ Stuffed Sweet Potato
written by
The Hungry Hooker
written on: April 13, 2022



  1. Prepare the sweet potatoes to your liking. either bake or boil them. I boiled mine for 20 minutes to prepare.
  2. Once the sweet potato is cooked, slice down the center and open the potato like a book.
  3. Season the potato with salt and pepper.
  4. Prepare the chicken to your liking. I used rotisserie chicken. Pull the meat off the bone while warm. Use two forks to shred into small pieces.
  5. In a bowl, combine the shredded chicken with Rendezvous sauce. Toss to combine.
  6. Place the bbq shredded chicken in the sweet potato. Drizzle with Rendezvous sauce. Top with red onion and pickled jalapeƱos.
  7. Lastly, garnish with rendezvous seasoning and enjoy!